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About us

Abbot Optical is the leading company in the distribution of readers, sunglasses, ophthalmic and safety glasses in PR and the Caribbean. Pioneers and Visionaries In 1989, Mr. Julian Ortiz Herrera, a Licensed Optician, sees inequality in the community pharmacies in Puerto Rico, as they did not have reading glasses on their shelves. The famous local chain pharmacy   controlled the market , as the only local place that covered the need for over-the-counter reader glasses in emergencies of broken spectacles in hours where the optical business were not operating. That is when Mr. Ortiz began to serve all the pharmacies in Puerto Rico as the sole supplier of this product on the market. Later, he opened his first retail optical location,  Abbot Optical was not only the pioneer in the distribution and sale of reading glasses because created and  sell eye glasses specialized in eye fatigue computer syndrome, called dfender. Abbot Optical orientated about computer vision syndrome in public and private schools, organization, foundation, Churches and TV and radio programs to the communities of the all ages around the Puerto Rico Island. 

Today with great satisfaction and commitment, Abbot Optical presents the new website for Puerto Rico, USA, and countries around the world.  Offering a wide variety of designer frames and ophthalmic lenses of the highest quality and unbeatable prices in the market. 

Our mission

Our mission is vision with clarity, the satisfaction of our customers, and creates a beautiful visual world for every human being. The health professionals at Abbott Optical Carolina and Canovanas will provide you with support and a sense of commitment.Our vision is service, professionalism, humanism, and be leaders among the responsible businesses within the visual health industry.We repair, adjust and clean your glasses at no additional cost. It is always a pleasure to serve you. Our goal is you satisfaction for that reason our warranty is offer without having to pay it ahead, only pay it when you need it.   

Mr. Julian Ortiz Herrera


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